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Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Replica

The actor admits, despite his refined taste, that his first watch was a Flik Flak. He sings the theme song of the brand, starting from the beginning. He blushes, giggles and asks me to promise not to release the recording. "My first adult watch was a Swatch. I'm at that age where it's mandatory. It was a Swatch Skin, and I thought that it was great. Super thin and water resistant."

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Replica was already a Swatch Group fan, so it's no surprise he moved on to Omega before becoming a brand ambassador. He says that the relationship was born because he already wore their watches. When they approached him, it felt natural. "I love that the brand does not scream and shout. It has faith in their owncapabilities,swiss replica watches and skills. And is made up by people who believe in what they do."

They look back at the legacy of history. Omega made the first watch to be worn on the moon, and they timed the Olympics. I find it fascinating to be able to use a rich history to create modern products using cutting-edge technologies. The science behind watches is a mystery to me. I look forward to visiting the factory and museum to find out more. Iamdeveloping an enormous desire to learn about watches."

This genuine synergy was not lost on Urquhartand Omega. The President stated: "Eddie understands the history of the brand and shares our passion for it. Early on in our conversation, Eddie was able touch upon some Omega's most important stories. He seemed to be genuinely enthusiastic about our heritage and to respect it.omega replica watches Once we find someone who shares our enthusiasm, the first step of our work is complete. We do not approach someone just because they are popular or sought after, but we need to make sure that the person is compatible with the Omega brand. Eddie was clearly that person.

Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Replica continues, "It's similar to what i do when i get a period part." I will always visit the National Portrait Gallery because they have such an incredible history. "I had a stage where I did endless Elizabethan films. I would go to the National Portrait Gallery and admire the costumes, and how they were interpreted, so when I went for costume fittings, or created a character, I felt I had not only mined a primary resource, but that I also had educated myself. And I think Omega is similar."