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Rolex DateJust Replica, who is still talking about his newfound fame, notices the June issue, which features Hugh Jackman as his Les Miserables co-star, lying on the table in front of us. "God, Hugh is the best! "He is the most wonderful man, and has such kindness and grace." When I first started making films, I was a little insecure because I didn't attend drama school. I tried to learn by osmosis, and looked at other people a lot.

I have been extremely lucky. In my first stage production,Rolex DateJust Replica I played opposite Mark Rylance. I also worked with Julianne Moore in SavageGrace. I would watch people and see how they live, not just how they work. I would look at people to see how they live and work - does that make sense? I used to think that actors were just people who stood in front of cameras and showed up on red carpets. "But then you see how Hugh works so hard - in his gym at 5am, and living a life that is almost monastic while working that intensively."

Rolex DateJust Replica has a hard time watching himself in a film. He finds it difficult to watch his own face. As Hawking, it was different. "I had as much footage ofStephen as I could find and, because I was aspiring to be someone else, I was not concerned about my appearance or sound when I watched the film. I hired make-up and costume designers to help me look like the character, and it was my job to sound like the character. I had to reach that point where you see yourself differently, hoping to become someone else.

Rolex DateJust Replica insists that, outside of the film wardrobe department, he prefers not to work with stylists. He says, "I don't see any value or point." "Everything that is associated with a red carpet or premier is intimidating, in a pathetic manner. The people are screaming at you from all angles,Breitling Avenger Replica and feeling comfortable in your clothing is just a small part of feeling normal. It is important for me to make the right choice when it comes to what I wear. I'll always listen to people who are experts- the designers at Hardy Amies, and of course my wife- butI don't like being consciously styled."

Rolex DateJust Replica is also a perfect fit for Omegabrand because of his confident appearance. Stephen Urquhart says, "You just have to take a look at his style." It's no secret Eddie is very well dressed - typically English, elegant and cool. It's all so natural, and it is something that he claims he inherited his father. As one of the leading watchmakers in the world, style and design are important to our brand.