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Urquhart agrees: "Well as Eddie himself says, the Omega brandhasbeen in hisfamily for years. He talks very highly of the vintagegold piece his father wears. You could say that the relationship began at an early age. Eddie has attended Omega events in the past, and we have connected with him on several occasions. The partnership was born out of his genuine love for Omega and grew organically. We knew that his character and achievements would fit perfectly with our brand. It was only natural to offer him the role of ambassador.Audemars Piguet Replica Watches We will plan a future visit to our factory in Switzerland. "As you can imagine, finding time for him in his busy diary isn't easy."

Rolex Milgauss Replica, like most actors, has found that his perception of time has changed since he became famous. It is different when he works and when he doesn't. The strange thing about being an actor is that you go through intense and rigorous periods where time isn't really yours. It is owned by others," he says. "And then you suddenly have freedom, which is always fascinating to readjust each time. It always takes me a couple of days to relax and enjoy my holiday because I'm so used to trying to fit in. Painting and playing the keyboard are two things I like to do. I'm not great at either, but they help me slow down time because I am focusing on another activity.

"It doesn't happen often but if I could create my perfect day Iwouldgo to my local cafe run by a guy called Austin and have a fry-up.We would have a good natter and then I would go to BoroughMarketfollowed by a trip to Tate Modern or the Design Museum and then maybe I'd go to the theatre and have some fish at J.Sheekey's inCoventGarden."

Rolex Milgauss Replica has a very normal day. Anyone who's met him would want to share it with him. He is the perfect representative because he is all-round British, down-to earth, and a nice guy.audemars piguet replica watches Urquhart says: "Everyone, including myself, at Omega has commented on how nice Eddie Rolex Milgauss Replica really is. I've spoken about his integrity, his humble attitude, and his elegance. This is who he reallyis. It was easy to build rapport with him and he talks to people like a friend. Eddie has the ability to maintain his privacy and still let you into his world. "He speaks from the heart and is an amazing person to spend time with."