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He says, "What I like about theatre and film is the way they feed off each other." "I began in theatre, and at the time I had no knowledge of film. After several years in theatre, I made my first film and had the camera up close to my face scrutinizing everything. I realized that I had done far too much with my gesturesand expressions. I enjoy juggling between the two, because I believe that each informs the other.

Rolex Replica Watches's nonchalance is typical when I bring up his meteoric rise to stardom and the public recognition that has resulted. "It's weird." You are immersed in filming and working long hours.rolex replica watches When I began to win awards, I was shooting in London, Copenhagen, and Belgium. I am only now beginning to get back to normal life. I don't know what has happened.

"I have friends who are actors, some of whom are hugely successful. Everyone can see their lives from the outside. But you never get a real sense of where you are in your life. The Theory of Everything was a wonderful film because people were so enamored of Hawking, that they only said nice things about it when they came up to me. "It was always Stephen and Jane's tale so it didn't feel like mine."

The man who is hiding behind the cloak of fame,Rolex Daytona Replica Watches still walks through London and uses the Tube. He's surprised when an inner feeling tells him that another fan has secretly taken a sneaky photo with their phone. He shrugs. "I don't mind," he says. "But I prefer when people ask me before they do anything." It's still a small price to be paid for a job that I enjoy.

Rolex Replica Watches, who is no stranger to paparazzi and fans, laughs when he remembers the day of his photoshoot. He says, "It was a lot of fun until we realized we had been papped." "They were very secretive and we didn't know they were there until pictures leaked online. The event was a lot of fun. Belsize Park, a part of London that I love, was the setting. It was a very relaxed atmosphere. It was also a very English-feeling day. It was funny because we had done a rain shot and they brought in a rain machine. I told them 'Guys, It's actually Raining' but they claimed the raindrops weren't large enough - while they huddledunder their umbrellas. Fortunately thisiswater-resistant," he smilespointingat his Globemaster.